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Line Walker (使徒行者), EP02

I told you not to follow me!


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爆seed trying to get in the secret compartment~~~

"Murderer! Go away! You harmed my mum and dad, I don’t want to be seeing you here!" - Chi Nga

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 2014 | hk artistes

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My beautiful friend Jamie Lee (李汶蔚) is in the running for Miss Hong Kong!!! She was also in the top 10 for Miss Chinese Vancouver two years ago (2012), because she’s just that awesome (and gorgeous, and smart, and devoted to her goals). Friends of Tumblr, please support her, she’s number 8…

as a Canadian myself, thought it would be nice for this little promo :p

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ahhh coco bb <3  


ahhh coco bb <3