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line walker ep 16 — free hugs

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kobe and ah yan. this was heaven omfg.

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"Tou Fa! Please don’t die" - Cheung Seng

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Sammy Sum as Kobe | Line Walker 使徒行者 Episode 3 

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Line Walker (使徒行者), EP13

Ah Ting suspects that Bao Seed slept with On Lam.

— 梅敏君 (載得有情人- Ep 12)  (via tvblogy)


"When you open a bottle of red wine in a restaurant, would you ask the waiter to try it for you?

Line Walker 《使徒行者》

Episode 10



Line Walker (使徒行者), EP03

Gambling Reactions

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Chi Nga tries to kill Cheuk Yuk

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